5 Effective Ways to Get More Plays on SoundCloud

Eventually, your music will sell. If you are proud of the tracks you produce and feel that it is worth sharing them, the others will also have the same feeling. Your music has the opportunity to make itself known worldwide, and this is exactly what will make you feel satisfied in your call as an artist. So now that you know how to get more Plays on SoundCloud, get to work, and watch how your online presence spreads. If music is your passion, work to make that passion visible – one way or another.

  1. Connect with other Artists on SoundCloud

Musicians love music. You can’t just focus on your music if you want to give it visibility.

There are other artists who produce music similar to yours – or at least music of the same genre. Find these musicians and support them for what they do.

By connecting to others, your music will start to get Plays – even if only by other artists with whom you have established relationships. As you probably know, Plays attract more Plays on SoundCloud, so this exposure can only do you good.

Here is the plan for you:

  • Find three or four musicians who are not yet popular, but who produce the same type of music you like.
  • Connect with these musicians on SoundCloud and on social media. Listen to their music, comment on their new posts and follow their progress.
  • Without risking too much, look for opportunities to share your music in the comments or when / if someone asks you.
  • Take part in musical-themed discussions and don’t hesitate to share information about yourself and your musical adventure.

If you do it constantly, every day, soon you will make yourself visible to the eyes of the artists you follow and also of the people who follow them.

  1. Use Facebook to Promote a Track

Facebook is your powerful tool for sharing music!

Users are impressed with good music when they scroll through their feed. If you already have a lot of friends on Facebook, it’s time to start creating a musician page and turn those friends into fans.

A musician or music group page on Facebook will allow you to share your tracks when you create them. You will then be able to share posts from your musician page again to your personal profile and get clicks from your friends.

In the end, what you want is to grow the number of fans on your Facebook page much more than the number of friends. The fastest way to do this is through Facebook advertisements. They are quick, cheap and aimed at the right people.

When you create a Facebook ad, you are actually promoting a post. In this case, the post is a track on SoundCloud. You can target your ad to people who are already following similar genres.

  1. Join and interact with Subreddit

To grow your fan base, you need to create fan pages. A great place to do this is Reddit. You can publish your music on subreddit that connects directly to your website and of course to SoundCloud.

Reddit has an excellent option that allows new artists to publish original music. This rule dictates that all the music published on Saturday must be new, completely original or something you created.

Take advantage of this initiative by publishing your new creations on Saturday’s subreddit. Reddit becomes a must for music fans looking for some original music – just like yours!

Reddit and SoundCloud work hand in hand in advertising new artists like you. The two platforms meet well on Reddit, as you can see below:

Original music feeds this page every week, so visit Reddit’s SoundCloud section now and start building your fan base.

  1. Take advantage of YouTube and Facebook for greater exposure

We already discussed the exposure of your music on Facebook, I know. But there is another powerful way to take advantage of Facebook, i.e. via YouTube.

For many years YouTube has been a more social platform than any other. Why? Because studies have shown that videos get more shares, comments and likes than any other form of online content.

What does this mean for you?

Yeah, you guessed it: MUSICAL VIDEOS!

I know it sounds disheartening, expensive and time-consuming. However, creating a music video for that new track you just recorded will take your exposure on SoundCloud to another level!

YouTube is the base for uploading your music videos. Facebook will be the tool to use to give exposure to that music video. Together they are a powerful combination when used properly.

Dance Drum & Bass music artists often create simple videos that are nothing more than presentations of beautiful works of art, wonderful girls or landscapes. They might sound tacky and cheap, but in fact, they work well for long mixes that last more than 15 minutes.

If you don’t have the budget to make an amazing video, use your imagination and get some more ideas. Here is some inspiration to start with:

  • Animate a video instead of filming one. Animations are cheaper, and there are tons of graphics students who would be thrilled to be able to make a video for you at a reasonable price.
  • Subcontract the creation of your video to a freelancer platform such as UpWork or Fiverr. You can find competitive prices and excellent quality of video animators in third-world countries.
  • Learn how to make your own videos at home. It is cheap, fun and if you do it often enough, you will improve a lot over time.

Remember to always link to your SoundCloud profile on your YouTube videos and Facebook posts. The point is to attract people to SoundCloud so that your Plays increase more and more.

  1. Purchase Play SoundCloud for Your Account

You can buy plays on SoundCloud for your music. This will cost you a lot less than other advertising strategies and will immediately increase your visibility on SoundCloud because the algorithm works with popularity. The more you buy, the more your music will be seen by fans who follow your genre.