Five Ways To Get More Followers On Soundcloud

SoundCloud has revolutionized the concept of digital music distribution. It offers independent artists the space necessary for their self-promotion. But it also offers many other useful tools. Its effective use will amplify your project and make it heard.

They are many tools. That is why we have created this simple guide to teach you how to use the most useful ones correctly and increase your number of Soundcloud followers.

The Labels Of Success

How can new fans find your music? One of the best ways to do this is to assign tags to your music. Tagging gives you visibility when a listener is searching in SoundCloud. The better the tags, the easier you will find them. If you have performed a Drum & Bass track, set Drum & Bass as the main genre, add moods, and a location for tags too. It all helps.

The more concise and precise your labels are, the easier it will be for your music to be discovered by curious listeners.

Add a ‘BUY’ link

Getting reproductions and likes is nice. But the likes and reproductions will not buy that new mike that you have taken a look at.

Fortunately, SoundCloud allows you to add a “Buy” button to your song. Simply click on the “Metadata” tab when you are uploading it. Add the correct links: Buy on iTunes, Beatport, Juno, Bandcamp, or any other platform you use to sell your music online.

Tell Your Story With Your Waves

SoundCloud allows fans to comment directly on the audio wave. But do you know who else should comment on the waveform? Use the comments on the wave to talk to your followers and the community about your process. Be transparent about how you created the track. Ask for feedback, and mention specific sections.

For example, if you are not sure about a section of your track, comment on the audio wave where that section begins. You don’t have to have completely finished a clue to publish it. Post sketches, get feedback and make your music better day by day.

Art Matters

The cover of an album is important, especially on SoundCloud.

If your song is integrated into a blog, your cover will appear. And if you share your track on Facebook, too. So it is super important.

Before clicking on the play, the cover of your album should already be highlighted. So keep that in mind and choose something that represents you and your music.

Private Stands For Professional

SoundCloud allows you to share private links with your tracks.

It is very useful to share tracks without finishing with your collaborators, send demos to stamps or blogs, or get in touch with other outlets, such as exclusive radio stations.

Sharing a private link gives your music a personal touch and a sense of exclusivity ideal for reaching the finest palates.

It is super easy to do. You just have to upload a track and activate private mode. Save it and go to your profile. Click on the track you want to share privately and press the “share” button below the audio wave. You will see a private URL, unique to your track! You can even make a whole private playlist if you want to share your entire new album.

In addition, you can reset the link of the private song at any time to adjust your private links over time.